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    Working Out or Working it Out

    There are times when my day goes perfectly. I get up, shower, take care of the dog, do some workouts, and get my workday started. This is a good day. They don’t happen often. Most days, I haven’t slept well, struggle through four alarms, thank the universe that I pre-set the coffee, sit at my desk, and try to pretend I’m ready. On these days, which happen more often, I am lucky if I brush my teeth in the morning. I feel better after I work out. Whether it is yoga, or something more intense, I feel good. More importantly, I feel sexy. I have always wished that I was…

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    The Office Sex

    Writing about office sex was so fun!  I could not be any more excited to be a guest blogger on Kaylalords.com!  My story, The Office, is a true story and one of my favorite times spent with Daddy! Being a new blogger and new to the kinky community I am always overwhelmed by how welcoming and supportive everyone is.  It means a lot to newcomers to be able to branch out and get our stories out there.  There is never enough confidence in this body of mine.  Being featured on Loving BDSM is definitely a goal met. I started listening to Loving BDSM about two years ago.  Then, I stalked the…

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    Why is something that is suppose to be good for you such a chore?

    Ugh!  The gym.  Why is something that is supposed to be good for you such a chore?  She has heard that if you do something for 30 days it becomes a habit.  She can eat pizza every day for 30 days, instant habit.  She has been going to the gym for over six months, not a habit.  It is a forced act done with dread.  It almost makes her angry.  She always feels better when she gets there and proud when it is done.  If not for the strength of the workout, for the fact that she actually got there, to begin with. She doesn’t dress fancy.  No thirty dollar…

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    Beach lessons – Thoughts

    The ocean never disappoints. As soon as I think it is redundant a new form or new shaped wave appears and surprises and impressed me. Redundancy and insanity doing the same thing over again don’t apply here.  My beach lessons are always deep and thoughtful. My thoughts pour out like the rain and swirl like the wind and in front of the powerful waves and guarding moon I find it is easier to sort them. Once again I am reminded that my connection to this wonder of nature is strong and should not be ignored. I owe it and myself the commitment to spend time together. The sun, moon, and…

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    Beach lessons – Sunday morning thoughts

    I didn’t bring the laptop this weekend and hate publishing from my phone but some thoughts can’t wait.  It is Sunday morning.  It is time for beach lessons. I wanted a tech-free weekend with no responsibilities. The beach has always been my healing reflective place. My therapy. Younger me always thought I had to be on the beach tanning to get that. My older self has learned that things have changed. I have had a rough four years and many parts of those struggles continue. Some will always be in the front of the line and some will move from back to front from time to time. I will feel…