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    February Photofest 2022


    Nothing beats a good stretch! It is good for the body and the soul. There are many reasons to stretch. Some are better than others. Before you do your workout or exercise, you stretch and warm up. It makes sense. You are about to stress your muscles and break them down, so they come back stronger and start burning all the fat you see covering the muscles. When you stretch, you reduce the risk of injury. Very important when you are working out so you can work out the next day without looking like Bambi on the lake! Let’s face it, that look is only cute on Bambi. When we…

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    Working Out or Working it Out

    There are times when my day goes perfectly. I get up, shower, take care of the dog, do some workouts, and get my workday started. This is a good day. They don’t happen often. Most days, I haven’t slept well, struggle through four alarms, thank the universe that I pre-set the coffee, sit at my desk, and try to pretend I’m ready. On these days, which happen more often, I am lucky if I brush my teeth in the morning. I feel better after I work out. Whether it is yoga, or something more intense, I feel good. More importantly, I feel sexy. I have always wished that I was…

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    February Photo Fest 2021,  February Photofest 2021

    Mirror Image

    A mirror image, the replica of what is reflected, or is it? Here are some definitions I found for the word mirror. Neither of these definitions defines how I feel about the mirror. Mir-ror / 1: a polished or smooth surface (as of glass)that forms images by reflection // She looked at herself in the mirror. Mir-ror/ 2: something that gives a true representation // the press as a mirror of public opinion I have always had a love/hate relationship with the mirror. Actually, that is not being honest. I straight up fucking hate the mirror. The funny thing is, I can’t seem to walk by one without taking a…

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    Does Size Really Matter?

    I know this is a pretty old joke with many variations.   High school was full of small penis jokes.  Being who I was and how I was back then, I didn’t get any of those jokes.  I smiled and laughed when I thought I could get away with it, but truthfully, this 17-year-old virgin wasn’t sure what the deal was.  I didn’t know if size really mattered. Fast forward without a lot of backstories now I can honestly say that I get the jokes.  Also being who I am now, and probably who I was back then, I still don’t think the jokes are all that funny.  I think…

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    Lazy afternoons

    Today was a good day.  Lazy afternoons haven’t happened for me lately.  For some reason, I have had the need to keep busy and can’t sit still.  Today, I didn’t do a thing except for my monthly massage.  While the massage was brutal and much needed and I’m sore from it, it was nice to have an afternoon to do nothing. My daughter was working so I had the house to myself.  The alone time was also nice.  After my shower, I sat on the couch with the door open because it was a really nice day outside.  I couldn’t bring myself to go outside, even more of a sign…