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    February Photo Fest 2021,  February Photofest 2021,  Self Love

    Working Out or Working it Out

    There are times when my day goes perfectly. I get up, shower, take care of the dog, do some workouts, and get my workday started. This is a good day. They don’t happen often. Most days, I haven’t slept well, struggle through four alarms, thank the universe that I pre-set the coffee, sit at my desk, and try to pretend I’m ready. On these days, which happen more often, I am lucky if I brush my teeth in the morning. I feel better after I work out. Whether it is yoga, or something more intense, I feel good. More importantly, I feel sexy. I have always wished that I was…

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    February Photofest 2020,  Memes and Things


    You have to stretch your body, mind, soul, and confidence.  Each is just as important as the other.  Stretching is not just limited to our bodies.  I sit most of the day for work.  I’m always told to stretch even if I am sitting in the chair.  Stretch your arms up, twist to stretch your sides, pull your legs to your chest.  Stretching our bodies is extremely important for many things, particularly circulation and blood flow. How often do we stretch our minds?  Think outside the box, turn regrets into positive learning moments, have our brains tell our hearts that forgiveness is ok.  Stretch our minds to accept what we…

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    Body Love

    When you think about your body or body love, what’s the first word that comes to mind? Quite honestly, fat is the first word that comes to mind. Under clothes, I hide it well.  Naked is a little harder to accept.  I made huge strides during February Photofest 2019 in learning to accept my body and see the good in it.  Of course, I wish it were better toned but I know it isn’t because I don’t give it enough attention.  I don’t try hard enough to make it better.  Two gym memberships and a small gym in my basement there are no excuses that it isn’t more toned than…