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    Where and What brought me Here

    There are many things I look back and remember, and I know they were signs. Sometimes I saw them and paid attention, but there are far more signs that I ignored or, most likely, ran from. What brought me here is not an easy answer. It was not proper to question much of anything, let alone your sexuality, when I was in my teens and twenties. It was the times. I have no ill will to my mom for not having talks with me about my options. We had healthy conversations about sex that were typical for the time. So with mom in the clear, let’s talk about those signs…

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    Beach lessons – Sunday morning thoughts

    I didn’t bring the laptop this weekend and hate publishing from my phone but some thoughts can’t wait.  It is Sunday morning.  It is time for beach lessons. I wanted a tech-free weekend with no responsibilities. The beach has always been my healing reflective place. My therapy. Younger me always thought I had to be on the beach tanning to get that. My older self has learned that things have changed. I have had a rough four years and many parts of those struggles continue. Some will always be in the front of the line and some will move from back to front from time to time. I will feel…

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    Out of Dom Space

    Coming from me this may sound weird.  It feels a little weird too.  I have never been dominant in anything.  That isn’t to say that someday I won’t be, but for now, it just isn’t me.  So the Dom side of things has been something that I have been researching and reading about to get a better understanding of the other side.  I think it will make me a better submissive.  I am aware of sub space.  I never dawned on me that there was a Dom space as well. During a difficult time with my Dom, we were walking and he was talking about his struggles with his primary. …

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    Influence from other blogs, podcasts, books, etc.

    When I started this blog I wasn’t sure what I wanted it to be.  I knew I wanted to start getting my writing out there, somewhere but wasn’t sure what to do with it.   It was a previous Dom that suggested I write smutty things.  He knew I loved to write about all different things.  He was basing his suggestions on my text and letters to him and how I worded things to him and for him.  I giggled at the thought.  Mainly because those words were his.  They were for him.  They came from a place that I kept just from him.  He brought out those thoughts and ideas…

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    Community, Cliques and Making Friends

    via Community, Cliques and Making Friends.   This is an amazing read.  Much of how I felt when I started blogging was that I wasn’t worthy of association with these authors that push the limits and write about consensual, kinky,  sex in ways I thought I could only imagine.  There are community, cliques and making friends in all aspects of our lives.  In the kink community, it can be a little more difficult. In the beginning, I was clueless, I just knew I wanted to write.   I also wanted to blog and tweet and do all of those things.  Newbies have wonderful mentors and role models.  We should reach out…