• white legs crossed at ankles plaid socks and shirt no pants red and black bed spred
    February Photofest 2019,  Memes and Things

    Comfy socks

    Coming in just under the wire with this one.   It has been a crazy day today.  I remember a lot of talk about comfy socks so I picked this picture to share.  I truly love hanging out at home naked.  If I can’t be naked, I’m usually bundled up in sweat pants and a hoodie.  But this week we were granted a reprieve from the cold weather for a day so I walked around in a top and socks.  It felt amazing!  I love my comfy socks, and love that they match my pajama top!  I have the pants too, but, who needs pants! I have been working hard…

  • February Photofest 2019,  Memes and Things

    Today is My Birthday

    Today is my birthday.  I’ve never been a fan of being the center of attention.  I prefer to make others my focus.  Focus on me always made me anxious.  Which seems strange to me now as I am posting pictures of myself more than just naked.  Vulnerable, doubtful, scared, hesitant.  It still blows my mind.  These past days posting these photos has been a mix of emotions. Never did I ever think I would post pictures of myself to be viewed by anyone. Sending a picture to Sir made me nervous. This month, for this project, I have been naked in my back yard, and my daughter is taking photos…

  • redemption dark photo of one breast next to a glass of whiskey with ice
    February Photofest 2019,  Memes and Things

    Redemption – February Photofest 2019

    Redemption over ice Redemption, in his whiskey and in his soul! I started drinking whiskey with my Dom.  New for me because I am a bit of a lightweight when it comes to alcohol.  While he drank his straight, I added ginger ale to ease the burn. After our break up, I continued to drink whiskey.  I had learned to like it and enjoy it.  Sometimes, I even drank it straight.  I kept Redemption in the house for him on the rare occasions he came over.  When it was clear he wouldn’t be coming over anymore, I kept it on the shelf as a reminder of my loss. Later I…

  • naked body laying in a bathtub white with coral colored rose between her breast legs bent at knee visible
    February Photofest 2019,  Memes and Things

    Feeling Pretty

    Feeling pretty in coral roses! Sometimes it is the little things that have you feeling pretty!   Pretty shoes, pretty clothes, or nothing at all and a few little coral roses to make you feel just a little more pretty.  Perhaps even a little sexy too!  I think we all find our sexy in different ways and in different forms. I don’t feel pretty often.  I go through the motions a lot but usually fall short.  This picture I actually liked and it made me feel good!  I can honestly say that the bathtub has never been a place that I have felt pretty or sexy.  It is where all…

  • February Photofest 2019,  Memes and Things


      One of the things I loved most about being with Sir/Daddy was the marks!  From the smallest bruise to his most beautiful handprint, I loved that he left his mark on me.  Marks made me feel so good when a couple of days later, I still had traces of him on my body.  This was particularly important to me because I didn’t see him often.   It could be months before I would have a chance to be with him again. When he left marks it made me smile.  I loved sitting down the day after a spanking and feeling the sting or ache brought from his hand, paddle…