• February Photofest 2020,  Memes and Things


    Ubuntu!  I have spent much of the past few years feeling sad because the people I most trusted in my life betrayed me.  Girlfriends, soul mates, my Dom, My ex-wife.  There were so many that I allowed to treat me badly and never really saw what was happening.  The betrayal and lies, the jokes and cons, it was all overwhelming and became my focus.  I use to make sure that everyone was happy regardless of how I felt.  I truly believe that the meaning of Ubuntu is a real thing.  I liked living that way.  As I fell into a group of people who didn’t follow that philosophy I lost…

  • blue lace over woman's breast nipple visible under the lace
    February Photofest 2020,  Memes and Things

    Blue lace

    Lace always seemed itchy to me.  Lace also always reminded me of my grandmother.  She had all these lace doilies on her furniture.  It was confusing because we couldn’t but drinks on the furniture or the lace doilies.  She put starch on them too so every time I touched them, they were hard and crusty.  My relationship with lace was to avoid it.  Even shirts with lace on them were less than appealing.   I liked the soft things.  Even soft leather was better than starchy lace.  Flannel.  I liked the flannel pajamas and soft fluffy sweaters.  Not incredibly sexy but back then, that wasn’t my focus. Fast forward to…

  • black and white full front of naked woman
    February Photofest 2020,  Memes and Things


    You have to stretch your body, mind, soul, and confidence.  Each is just as important as the other.  Stretching is not just limited to our bodies.  I sit most of the day for work.  I’m always told to stretch even if I am sitting in the chair.  Stretch your arms up, twist to stretch your sides, pull your legs to your chest.  Stretching our bodies is extremely important for many things, particularly circulation and blood flow. How often do we stretch our minds?  Think outside the box, turn regrets into positive learning moments, have our brains tell our hearts that forgiveness is ok.  Stretch our minds to accept what we…

  • black and grey shadows over a woman's naked body
    February Photofest 2020,  Memes and Things


    Shadows aren’t always scary things that hide the danger.  Sometimes they are comforting, hiding what we are all afraid of.  Sometimes they are hiding what we do not need to see.  Maybe they hide things we don’t want to face until the time comes that we can face them.  Those things in good time we can face with goodness and grace and strength. I choose to begin to embrace the shadows.  All the shadows in my mind, in my heart, and in my soul, with the hope that by embracing them they will help to move me forward.  That I can laugh with my ex-Dom and not feel that pang…