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    February Photofest 2022


    Thinking is the best and the worst of my habits. There are times when I lose myself in all the things that bother me and worry me. I usually try hard to mask how I am feeling to others. They are my struggles, and I keep them behind the mask. This works for me. Two people see through this mask. My daughter and Sir. I find it impossible to hide much from them. I think that everything that is happening, or not happening can be hard on the sole. All the tools available are great, meditation, writing everything down, focusing on one thing at a time, but they never seem…

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    February Photofest 2020,  February Photofest 2020,  Memes and Things

    Day 15 – Birthdays

    Birthdays can be difficult for me.  It is rare that I walk around in my birthday suit on my birthday.  This is because my birthday is in February and we usually have snow and cold weather.  Today is chilly and windy so instead of my birthday day suit I had sweat pants and hoodie on.  I was sitting at the dining room table and felt something warm on my back.  I realized it was the sun.  I stood up and looked out the window and while it was still windy the sun was heating the window and the warmth was coming through.  It felt amazing.  Making me long for Spring…

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    February Photofest 2020,  February Photofest 2020,  Memes and Things

    Day 12 – Shoulders and back

    There are many things that I try to pride myself on.  it is and has always been clear to me that I am stronger inside than I am on the outside.  I don’t want or need to be the strongest woman around but my back and shoulders can handle a lot of things.  Whether I’m building a patio alone or handling the next emotional crises, my back and shoulders have carried a lot of weight. Again, in this photo I see flaws.  I took this because I am in a wedding in April and the dress is backless.  It won’t be very forgiving of the rolls I see here and…

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    February Photofest 2020,  February Photofest 2020,  Memes and Things

    Belly Button

    I am trying to take a kinder look at myself.  Today’s focus is my belly button.  I know there are all kinds of names for this little thing we all have, but navel sounds too official.  I like the belly button!   I haven’t seen my belly button in a while.  It has always been (for as long as I can remember) folded under some belly fat (pouch) that I honestly blame on icing and soda since my baby is 24 years old. I read so much about self-love and self-acceptance.  I struggle in both of those areas.  I look at others that have confidence in their bodies and sexuality…