• black and white photo with black background white woman behind window with rain drops shower rain photoshoot
    February Photofest 2022

    Black and White or Color

    I love photography and it is always hard for me to choose black and white or color They both offer so much detail in their own way. When I did the photoshoot I was very financially limited to the number of pictures I could purchase. The photographer made it much harder by offering both black and white color options. I love this shot in both black and white and color for different reasons. The color option offers details to be more clear. My fingernail white tips against the dark skin on my legs and black background. I think the details of my makeup and eyelashes are more obvious. You can…

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    Those little red clothespins tho!

    There are a lot of things that I enjoy that are used to cause pain.  Those little red clothespins tho!  Most of my kink and learning about what I like came from my first and last Dom.  He was much more knowledgable and was also very good at introducing things slowly and carefully.  I remember one time while I was watching his house and he was away with someone else I got nosey.  I admit it.  I use to feel bad about it but fuck it now.  He is gone and while he probably knew he never said anything so he didn’t care.  I didn’t snoop through his financials, or…