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    Kink of the Week,  Memes and Things

    Talk to Me, About Me

    Talk to me, or about me; it will be something I obsess over. I have always had a paranoia about people talking about me. It didn’t matter if they were saying good things or bad things; I always thought people were talking. It wasn’t until recently that I found there are times I don’t mind it at all. I use to be worried that people would talk about me. If I was the first to leave a group, the entire way home was thoughts of what they said the minute I left. It didn’t matter if my brain allowed me to think there were good things to be said, I…

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    BDSM,  Learning the Hard Way


    This concept has always confused me.  I could never understand why anyone, male or female, would consent to be humiliated.  This is not a judgment.  It is a personal feeling.  All my life, I have been made fun of.  I was too fat, too short, the ugly friend.  I was in sixth grade with braces and glasses.  Life wasn’t easy.  Kids made poems about me to incorporate all the things that were not cool about me.  I worked hard to make sure that I always looked as best as could.  When I got older and dating began, I was always dressed as best as I could be.  My clothes were…