• Blury picture of flesh colored background with red and dark red marks
    February Photofest 2022

    Dark Red

    I may be a bit obsessed with dark red marks and bruises. After three years of not having them, I embrace them now with a passion that matches their color. These beautiful marks happened this morning during electric and satisfying and exhausting sex! I do not usually brag, but I will boast a lot about this situation. I may also be bragging a bit. Bragging or boasting may be the wrong word. Can you boast about something that comes easily to you? I am sure that many people, couples, threesomes, and swingers can indeed boast about their sex lives. Many people have great sex. I take particular exception because there…

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    His Hand Print

    There are many things that I love about BDSM and the different Kinks I have been exposed to thus far.  I, surprisingly to myself, enjoy impact play most thus far.  I never thought that I would.  I have always hated being hit.  In my past a cute tap on the ass as I was walking up the stairs in front of my partner use to irritate me.  I am not sure why, it just did.  I remember anticipating it with such anxiety and irritation.  That has changed.  I guess more things changed with in me then I even realized.   Inside and Out. During an unplanned and unexpected afternoon play, Daddy…