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    Learning the Hard Way


    Last week was important.  All days are important and should be lived to the fullest but last week was my fifth attempt at a very important test in my full-time career.  I scheduled it for Thursday morning and that afternoon I was leaving for a semi-relaxing weekend to the beach with a friend to visit her parents who have health issues.  We both needed to get away.   Both needing to be renewed, we had no idea how badly we needed it. The test is the bane of my existence.  It is a national certification test that somewhat impacts my career.  It is a questionable test in my profession, doubted…

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    What makes you happy?

    All my life people talk about what makes you happy.  The question comes often.  When going through a hard time, or just going through life day-to-day, status quo, but feeling like something was missing, people would ask, “What makes you happy?  Do what makes you happy?”  That’s great if you know what that is. Happiness is elusive.  It is fluid.  What makes you happy one day may not be what makes you happy the next day, week or year.  Dreams change, goals change, priorities change.  That is the difficult part.  I have found through my years that I tend to get what I think makes me happy and that is…