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    Bra Discovery

    Sometimes, the simple thing like a bra discovery can make my day.  Through this Covid19 situation, I have been pleased about one thing.  I think, since March I have worn a bra maybe three times.  I love being naked, and if I can’t be naked, at least I can get by without a bra, under a T-shirt.  I started cleaning and purging some clothes and found this beautiful bra.  I ordered it with something sexy in mind with my person – and that ended abruptly, so I tucked in the drawer and forgot about it.  This bra discovery made me think that I should start buying things for me!  Just me!…

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    Love all trust a few

    Over the past few years, my ability to love all and trust has been diminished to nothing.  This makes me sad because I use to be a very trusting person.  I trusted that people (most people) were honest and good and truly trying to be good people.  Trying to be a good person myself, I naturally assumed others were doing the same.  Wrong.  Trusting people has hurt me.  Loving people have hurt me.  Trying to do both equally has proven impossible. Love all, trust a few.   I saw this written out today and instantly knew I had to borrow it for a post.  (I believe that it is a…