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    Core – Day 11

    I am the girl that when at yoga or working out when someone says core I say bu-buy!  I have always hated working on my core.  When I was younger and dancing all the time I didn’t have to focus on it.  I was also 15 years old and I hadn’t had a kid or the ability to get my own junk food. So there is that!  I could blame a million things and have a million excuses not to do the workouts needed to have a strong core, but the truth is, I just hate it. I wish a strong core came naturally. I am not talking about a…

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    I wasn’t given a choice once I gave my consent.  Told to lay on the bed.  Hang my arms off the side.  Spread my legs just a little.  Wait. There is a warm breeze that travels over my body.  His breath?  My skin comes alive with his closeness.  I wait. Was that a noise?  Did he move?  I am not sure.  Quieting my mind so that I can hear him.  I wait. My hair moves.  Did he touch my hair?  I shudder and wait. I feel the heat from his body warming my skin without touch.  He is close, just wait. Please touch me, I scream to myself.  The desire rises…

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    While patience is needed

    It is hard keeping my mind busy and occupied.  I was asked to be patient and left with a long hug and gentle touches.  So patient I will be.  Why is it the hardest things to do are the things you must do.  I want my mind to keep busy.  I want my body to keep busy.  I really want to crawl into bed and wait for the patience to have paid off.  But not everything we want we get. During these times I try and think of what would be the best thing or things to do.  What will be appreciated, what will please him, what will benefit us…