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    Kink of the Week,  Memes and Things

    Talk to Me, About Me

    Talk to me, or about me; it will be something I obsess over. I have always had a paranoia about people talking about me. It didn’t matter if they were saying good things or bad things; I always thought people were talking. It wasn’t until recently that I found there are times I don’t mind it at all. I use to be worried that people would talk about me. If I was the first to leave a group, the entire way home was thoughts of what they said the minute I left. It didn’t matter if my brain allowed me to think there were good things to be said, I…

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    Aging,  Decisions,  Experiences,  Memes and Things,  Random thoughts and processing

    I wonder what age that is…

    So let’s get real about age.   I have a love-hate relationship with age and aging.  My whole life, my mantra when others would complain about their age, aching muscles, or whatever was related to age; I would say it is just number.  I firmly believe this to be true.  My beautiful mother is 80 years old.  She walks over 20,000 steps a day, does yoga twice a week, and goes to the gym twice a week.  She plants and works her garden, and has several flower beds that she tends throughout the year.  Her energy is phenomenal!  I also always joke that I take after my father.  She has…

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    Masturbation Monday

    Watching Him Shower

    I love watching him shower.  There is something so personal about watching someone bathe.  I sat on the floor and watched as he went through his normal ritual and routines.   He is so at ease with me watching and I remember thinking that I would feel self-conscious if someone was watching me as intently as I was watching him.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.  Avoiding looking at his cock, partly out of my normal shyness but also realizing that his whole body was hypnotic as he moved from shampoo to soap to conditioner. We were talking like we were at the kitchen table and it seemed…

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    BDSM,  Learning the Hard Way

    What Matters Most

    September 2018 What matters most is the hardest thing for me to determine.   This month has been one of the hardest ever.  In my journey to the new me and the real me, I have had a mentor, friend, and guide.  He was also my Dom, my Sir, my Daddy.  Started with Sir, and then as I grew and progressed, I understood and accepted the title Daddy as I had lost my original objections to this term.   He became that to me and more.  He was also my best friend and as we progressed in our friendship, we progressed in other ways.  It was a glorious journey.  It had…

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    Learning the Hard Way


    Last week was important.  All days are important and should be lived to the fullest but last week was my fifth attempt at a very important test in my full-time career.  I scheduled it for Thursday morning and that afternoon I was leaving for a semi-relaxing weekend to the beach with a friend to visit her parents who have health issues.  We both needed to get away.   Both needing to be renewed, we had no idea how badly we needed it. The test is the bane of my existence.  It is a national certification test that somewhat impacts my career.  It is a questionable test in my profession, doubted…