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    Two Parts Wine, Two Parts Whiskey

    Whiskey, wine, and women have been, for the past year, a theme in my existence. Usually, they are experienced separately. This weekend, they were all together in beautiful harmony. I never imagined that my need to get out of my environment to someplace new for the first time since the pandemic hit would lead to one of the best weekends in my memory to date. Four women and a dog head out to a little town in West Virginia to escape our realities. We packed comfy clothes, lots of food, and a lot of wine and whiskey. We were all struggling. It wasn’t just the pandemic but the personal issues…

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    Talk to Me, About Me

    Talk to me, or about me; it will be something I obsess over. I have always had a paranoia about people talking about me. It didn’t matter if they were saying good things or bad things; I always thought people were talking. It wasn’t until recently that I found there are times I don’t mind it at all. I use to be worried that people would talk about me. If I was the first to leave a group, the entire way home was thoughts of what they said the minute I left. It didn’t matter if my brain allowed me to think there were good things to be said, I…

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    “So what are you into?” (Part 2)

    Find part one here – So What Are You In To – Part 1 It is such a casual question.  What are you in to?  I’m from the country so we don’t worry so much about grammar when we are chatting.  That question could apply to anything from food to hobbies, but I instantly knew what he was asking.  It was a question from left field because we had flirted but rarely talked about actual sexual preferences but I knew what he meant. The questions that came to my mind were not for him, they were for me.  They shot through my brain in seconds and I was stunned at…