• boots thigh high black leather stiletto heals on red blanket white legs
    February Photofest 2022


    Sometimes the proper boots are all you need to feel how you need to feel. I love shoes, and while I have plenty, I didn’t have those boots. The ones that say you are feeling sexy from head to toe. I have a lot of sexy tops that I usually pair with jeans. I don’t go out to clubs much, so I have never needed boots like these. That has changed slightly, and I am preparing my wardrobe for the trips to the clubs. I recently joined a swingers club. I am not a swinger persea, but I enjoy being around like-minded people, and I found that it was comfortable,…

  • waiting white woman laying on a bed with butt up in the air arms crossed infront of her stomach facing down head resting on her hands black and red blanket
    February Photofest 2022


    Waiting is the worst part of a long-distance relationship. It is always worth the wait, regardless of how difficult the delay is. His attention, his touch, his strength are worth whatever I have to go through until we see each other again. I have found ways to busy myself while I wait for the next time, which can never come too soon for me. Our power exchange is not what most people typically think of when discussing the D/s relationship. Yes, we have obvious dominant and submissive roles, and those lines are rarely blurred. Our play is consensual, and it is satisfying to both of us. What I have come…

  • white female with shear white shirt covering her breasts nipples visable waits and belly button visable veil
    February Photofest 2022


    I love this new top and how it acts as a veil over my skin. I am a fan of “less is more” with some things. I purchased this top to wear to the club with a plan of wearing a blouse or sweater over it. That is if I ever get back to the club. I appreciate leather and lace and black and red colors together, and all the strappy clothes that make me feel naughty. Sometimes a simple white veil top can be just as sexy. I love sexy clothes and how they make me feel. It is difficult to appreciate my body at times, but clothes help…

  • black and white photo with black background white woman behind window with rain drops shower rain photoshoot
    February Photofest 2022

    Black and White or Color

    I love photography and it is always hard for me to choose black and white or color They both offer so much detail in their own way. When I did the photoshoot I was very financially limited to the number of pictures I could purchase. The photographer made it much harder by offering both black and white color options. I love this shot in both black and white and color for different reasons. The color option offers details to be more clear. My fingernail white tips against the dark skin on my legs and black background. I think the details of my makeup and eyelashes are more obvious. You can…

  • color photo dark back ground woman pictured from the back bare shoulder profile or face
    February Photofest 2022


    Thinking is the best and the worst of my habits. There are times when I lose myself in all the things that bother me and worry me. I usually try hard to mask how I am feeling to others. They are my struggles, and I keep them behind the mask. This works for me. Two people see through this mask. My daughter and Sir. I find it impossible to hide much from them. I think that everything that is happening, or not happening can be hard on the sole. All the tools available are great, meditation, writing everything down, focusing on one thing at a time, but they never seem…