• sunset in the background with dark beach woman exercising with yoga in a shadow form
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    I have often wondered if exercise is a kink for me.  I have a love/hate relationship with it, just as I do some of my kinks so maybe it is safe to say that exercise is also a kink. I have always been active without going to the gym or scheduling a workout.  I danced for eight years; tap, ballet, and jazz.  I then moved on to karate for 6 years and reached my brown belt level, testing for my green belt when I was eight months pregnant.  I played basketball in high school and did gymnastics as well.  I never had the habit of purposefully exercising. When kids and…

  • blue lace over woman's breast nipple visible under the lace
    February Photofest 2020,  Memes and Things

    Blue lace

    Lace always seemed itchy to me.  Lace also always reminded me of my grandmother.  She had all these lace doilies on her furniture.  It was confusing because we couldn’t but drinks on the furniture or the lace doilies.  She put starch on them too so every time I touched them, they were hard and crusty.  My relationship with lace was to avoid it.  Even shirts with lace on them were less than appealing.   I liked the soft things.  Even soft leather was better than starchy lace.  Flannel.  I liked the flannel pajamas and soft fluffy sweaters.  Not incredibly sexy but back then, that wasn’t my focus. Fast forward to…