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    She Wanted to Know

    She wanted to know about him so badly.  There was no one to ask, no one to reach out to, no one to trust. She sat alone in her house.  The house she decorated for him.  Some of his things still in place even if she is the only one that knows they are there.  The carpets she bought so his dog wouldn’t be scared by her hardwood floors.  She wanted to know how he was.  She wanted to know how he was dealing with the world, his world, without her. Time has passed.  A lot of time.  There were days when she was ok.  There were days when she…

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    Out of Character

    I don’t know what my character is anymore.  Along with that, I don’t have confidence in my ability to judge other people’s characters either.  Perhaps this is coming off of a good seven years of being wrong in my judgment and multiple people being out of character and my being too blind to see their truth.  I use to lean on the fact that I didn’t judge anyone and just let them show me who they were.  Lately (or just lately I have realized) that many people show me sooner than I recognize. Perhaps giving too many chances is the only thing I am guilty of.  I actually hope that…

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    I swore I wasn’t going to write about you anymore.  I closed the door and locked it securely – or so I thought.  But today, today hit me in the heart like a dagger.  A feeling I thought I would never experience again.  Sadly, I was wrong once again.   Apparently, I will never be able to forget the experience of this dagger.  The unseen sharpness that slices through my skin with invisibility, piercing my heart with expert precise movement, never failing to hit its mark. This dagger is elusive, sneaky, stealthy.  The moment I think I have buried it, lost it, destroyed it, it returns to me out of nowhere.…

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    The Office Sex

    Writing about office sex was so fun!  I could not be any more excited to be a guest blogger on Kaylalords.com!  My story, The Office, is a true story and one of my favorite times spent with Daddy! Being a new blogger and new to the kinky community I am always overwhelmed by how welcoming and supportive everyone is.  It means a lot to newcomers to be able to branch out and get our stories out there.  There is never enough confidence in this body of mine.  Being featured on Loving BDSM is definitely a goal met. I started listening to Loving BDSM about two years ago.  Then, I stalked the…

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    What Matters Most

    September 2018 What matters most is the hardest thing for me to determine.   This month has been one of the hardest ever.  In my journey to the new me and the real me, I have had a mentor, friend, and guide.  He was also my Dom, my Sir, my Daddy.  Started with Sir, and then as I grew and progressed, I understood and accepted the title Daddy as I had lost my original objections to this term.   He became that to me and more.  He was also my best friend and as we progressed in our friendship, we progressed in other ways.  It was a glorious journey.  It had…