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    Blank Page

    Staring at a blank page has become my norm of late.  It is hard for me to put into words everything I’ve been feeling and not much of it has been sexy, kinky or light-hearted.  There is so much fear in the air that staring at a blank page seems the safest thing for me to do right now. I’d love to say I have notes and a list of wonderful things to write on this blank page but I haven’t even felt compelled to do that.  Life has just been a bitch.  I saw a sign the other day that said something to the effect of “2020 didn’t even…

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    She likes this… She doesn’t like this.

    He is nice.  He is quiet.  He has a cute, hidden sense of humor that comes out only after you know him.  She likes this. He loves dogs, has two of them.  He takes his dogs everywhere with him.  He spends a lot of time with his family.  Visits his parents and helps them around the house.  She likes this. He is a good grandpa.  Not sure he likes that title.  She likes this. He knows her past, her baggage, and what scares her (some of it).  She likes this. He has a bad boy streak.  Tattoos and piercings.  He uses the F-word as an adjective.  She likes this. He…

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    She stared at the screen.  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  No thoughts.  No ideas.  Blocked.  Nothing.  The hum of the neighborhood activity was subtle but noticeable.  Maybe that was the problem.  She walked across the room and switched on the fan.  It wasn’t warm inside.  It was the perfect temperature.  October finally brought the cooler weather.  The neighborhood had started decorating for fall.  The contrast of pumpkins and straw in yellows and orange colors to the Holloween decorations of witches and spider webs and skeletons littered her street.  She should make an effort of some sort in one way or the other. She was naked.  She was usually naked when at home…

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    Open or Not?

    Last week, she learned the guy she was talking to has a girlfriend.  They aren’t serious so it is OK.   She was honest with him and requested the same.  Refreshingly, he was honest as well.  She said she wasn’t seeing anyone else and had stopped all the silly dating apps because they were getting along so well.  He also said he wasn’t on any apps.  She said she wasn’t seeing anyone else.  Silence.  After a silence that seemed eternal, he said he was seeing someone else, but they practice safe sex.  Then he asked her, “are you open or not?” She thought before she responded.  She asked.  She couldn’t be…

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    What makes you happy?

    All my life people talk about what makes you happy.  The question comes often.  When going through a hard time, or just going through life day-to-day, status quo, but feeling like something was missing, people would ask, “What makes you happy?  Do what makes you happy?”  That’s great if you know what that is. Happiness is elusive.  It is fluid.  What makes you happy one day may not be what makes you happy the next day, week or year.  Dreams change, goals change, priorities change.  That is the difficult part.  I have found through my years that I tend to get what I think makes me happy and that is…