• Trust black square with the word in yellow trust doesn't come with a refill. Once its gone, you probably won't get it back and if you do it will never be the same & that's a fact
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    Trust is something that comes naturally, right? From the moment we are born, we trust that those around us will take care of us. Our parents will make sure we are safe, fed, clothed, and warm. Once that trust is broken, it isn’t easy to find our comfort zone trusting again. It doesn’t matter if it is in your personal or professional life. Once that trust is lost, it is hard to get that trust back. I have tried twice to join established couples in a way to dip my toe into the “open relationship” or “polyamorous” communities. Both times were epic failures, and I ended up hurt, trust broken,…

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    An optimistic approach to sex came tome later in life than I would like to admit. I can call it generational, cultural, or anything else I could blame, but it is my past, and I can’t change that. However, I move forward with a more optimistic view that I have a blank canvas to create my own sexual story. It wasn’t until my first divorce that I realized the reason I didn’t like sex could be because I hadn’t had good sex. It is of no fault of my partners (few that they were), more that I hadn’t allowed myself to enjoy it. I always worried if I was doing…

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    You Did This

    “The thing is that you brought this out in me. How could I want it with anyone else” – JM Storm Yes, you did this.  You opened a part of me I wasn’t aware of and made me feel I was worth the time and effort you took to educate me.  You created experiences for me that made my heart and soul sore.  You managed to make me allow myself to see the good in me.  The curves were ok.  The scars were sexy.  Age wasn’t an issue.  The history of hurt and rejection was just that, the past.  You did this amazing thing.  Then you made it all disappear with…

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    Shaving for an S

    She rose early that day, excited to shower.  Strange, she hadn’t felt this way for quite a while.  She undressed and climbed under the hot water.  This day there wasn’t sadness and loneliness.  There was a touch of risk.  She was trusting again.  She was hopeful again.  Shaving was on the agenda. She let the water run over her and reached for the body wash.  She lathered up running her hands over her body.  Slower than what her normal has been for the past year or so.  She rubbed her breast and pinched her nipples feeling a familiar tingle between her thighs.  It felt good. For the first time in…

  • The word FEAR with words inside each letter with different colors the primary colors ar red and black and yellow
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    I have talked a lot about fear in many of my posts.  When I saw this prompt from Erotic Journal Challenge I thought I had a post on this topic already so I ran through some past posts and couldn’t find one dedicated to it.  Interesting because it is the main theme running through my life.  So here we go – a  post dedicated to fear. If you are reading this for answers on how to reduce, avoid, limit fear this probably isn’t going to help you.  In all my years I haven’t figured out how to do any of that.  I am not even sure that I know fear when it…