• waiting white woman laying on a bed with butt up in the air arms crossed infront of her stomach facing down head resting on her hands black and red blanket
    February Photofest 2022


    Waiting is the worst part of a long-distance relationship. It is always worth the wait, regardless of how difficult the delay is. His attention, his touch, his strength are worth whatever I have to go through until we see each other again. I have found ways to busy myself while I wait for the next time, which can never come too soon for me. Our power exchange is not what most people typically think of when discussing the D/s relationship. Yes, we have obvious dominant and submissive roles, and those lines are rarely blurred. Our play is consensual, and it is satisfying to both of us. What I have come…

  • cornered white woman wearing a sweater looking off to the side naked from waste down brown hair beige sweater
    February Photofest 2022


    I love the feeling of being cornered by him, waiting for his next move. This is another photo from the professional photoshoot last year. It is not super clear, but I was in a corner, and we were trying different poses and doing the photo shoot thing. When I take my pictures, I always have a thought in mind that I want to relay through the photograph. I am always waiting for Daddy to set the pace. He has never put me in the corner to wait for him; I don’t mean that kind of waiting. Although I am sure that has crossed his mind on occasion. Usually, when we…

  • silk mask covering eyes of white woman with breast naked and visable brown hair with highlights
    February Photofest 2022


    There is something that thrills me when I wear a blindfold. I am pretty closter phobic, so it is not comfortable for me when my entire face is covered. Wearing a blindfold intensifies all my other senses and makes my other senses more responsive. The first time I wore a blindfold during sex, I was unsure I would enjoy it. It was ok. At the time, the man I was with used a tie as a blindfold, and we had typical vanilla sex. I didn’t think it was terrific, but it did add a bit of difference if nothing else. I didn’t know then what I would eventually explore in…

  • choice black and white photo of back of white woman from shoulders to lower back
    February Photofest 2019,  Memes and Things


    I wasn’t given a choice once I gave my consent.  Told to lay on the bed.  Hang my arms off the side.  Spread my legs just a little.  Wait. There is a warm breeze that travels over my body.  His breath?  My skin comes alive with his closeness.  I wait. Was that a noise?  Did he move?  I am not sure.  Quieting my mind so that I can hear him.  I wait. My hair moves.  Did he touch my hair?  I shudder and wait. I feel the heat from his body warming my skin without touch.  He is close, just wait. Please touch me, I scream to myself.  The desire rises…