Toy for Sir

I was Toy for Sir. He gave me that name and I was happy and proud of it. I started during a time when I was in my first, and to date, only D/s relationship. I would send Sir texts and he often said I should write smut. It was something I was good at doing. I never thought about writing about such things, although writing has always been something I enjoyed. So I started the blog Most of the writings from were about him. In the beginning, it was about our hot and sexy times. Then, sadly, it was about our break up and the heartache I carried from that. The breakup impacted my writing in many ways. That was two years ago. I recently decided to move to a new site that is just for me. I will never regret my time with him, or the writings from that time. It is what brought me here, to this point in my life. On this page are the writings from that time. Toy for Sir will always be a huge part of me. But I am no longer that person. I am better!

black square with abstract hand painted flower and the word toy in read.  Colors are red black and white with some pink where the colors blended

I painted this for him and it hangs over my bed. I wanted it there as a reminder that I was his, particularly when I couldn’t be with him. I love the colors and the discrete way the word Toy is embedded into the flower. It still hangs over my bed but the logo for the new site is different. It is new, and more me and how I feel about myself these days.

I will always love this painting. I will always love Moving on is sometimes bitter sweet. I know this needed to happen so I could grow in my own right. It has been two years, and while I still think about him there is piece in knowing that I am no longer his. I am ok with that.